Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide: How to Marry Ibibio Woman

Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide

Have you ever wondered about the colourful traditional wedding ceremony of people from Akwa Ibom? Like all other cultures, there are some special rites so if you are planning on getting married soon and you are of this tribe, or marrying a beautiful Ibibio woman, prepare yourself to take these steps. We will take you … Read more

How to Marry Annang girl in Akwa Ibom State

Marry Annang girl

How to Marry Annang girl: The Annang people have got a very enchanting tradition which adds spice and color to every traditional events or occasion which are done annually or occasionally. Ceremonies in Annang are always flamboyant, captivating, rich and glamorous. A Traditional marriage ceremony in Annang is not an exception and not new to … Read more

Cost of Bridal Make-Up in Nigeria (2023)

Bridal Make-Up in Nigeria

Wedding Make-Up Prices in Nigeria In this article, we will be discussing how much brides pay for bridal make-up in Nigeria. Specifically, we will be be exploring the cost of bridal make-up across major Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu. This write up will help brides who are getting ready for … Read more

Prayer Points for Breakthrough in The New Month

Breakthrough in The New Month

Miraculous prayer points for breakthroughs, prayer points for unlimited breakthrough in the new month January 2023. 1. Whatever is trying to get in the way of my success in this new month is destroyed by the fire of the Holy Spirit. I decree that I shall prosper before all eyes. My business shall arise and shine. No … Read more

Best Happy New Month Wishes for you [January 2023]

Happy New Month Wishes Happy New Month Everyone. New Month Wishes are generally well known all through the world. The main day in each new month, actually like the new year, implies a ton to numerous people who for the most part share messages, wishes, good tidings and supplications to their family members, companions, and … Read more

Happy New Month Wishes and Motivation for January [2023]

Wishes for you

Happy New Month Everyone. New Month Wishes are widely popular throughout the world. The first day in every new month, just like the new year, means a lot to many folks who usually share messages, wishes, greetings and prayers to their relatives, friends, and colleagues. Regardless of religious and other cultural leanings, people plead for loved ones, … Read more

Christmas Gift: Five Gift Rule for Christmas

christmas gift

The products you’ll see throughout our guide were curated with different personalities, styles, ages, and budgets in mind. Our Christmas Gift Guide is a labor of love and a family affair — the whole family gets involved in offering gift ideas they’ve found and love themselves! Please note, while we do our best to ensure … Read more