Preparing for Marriage: 13 Books you should read


Before you get married, reading books by those who have been there can help prepare you for the commitment you’re about to make. Let us look at 13 Books you should read while Preparing for Marriage Equip yourself financially by reading David Bach’s “Smart Couples Finish Rich,” as household budgets and retirement plans are a … Read more

Fulani Marriage: Everything you need to know

Fulani Marriage

Fulani Marriage Ideally, the Fulani do not practice birth control because the perfect or model Fulani marriage will produce many children. Toward that goal, the Fulani marry young. No special value is placed on virginity, and women are not shy about boasting about their various experiences. In fact, the Fulani expect young women to bring … Read more

Marriage List in Akwa Ibom State: What are involved

Marriage List in Akwa Ibom

Marriage List in Akwa Ibom: My guy you see as a bachelor intending to get marry, you may have browse through the internet searching the web for the information concerning the cost of marriage. I had earlier publish on how to marry a typical annang girl and how to marry a first daughter in ibibio … Read more

Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide: How to Marry Ibibio Woman

Ibibio Traditional Wedding Guide

Have you ever wondered about the colourful traditional wedding ceremony of people from Akwa Ibom? Like all other cultures, there are some special rites so if you are planning on getting married soon and you are of this tribe, or marrying a beautiful Ibibio woman, prepare yourself to take these steps. We will take you … Read more

How to Marry Annang girl in Akwa Ibom State

Marry Annang girl

How to Marry Annang girl: The Annang people have got a very enchanting tradition which adds spice and color to every traditional events or occasion which are done annually or occasionally. Ceremonies in Annang are always flamboyant, captivating, rich and glamorous. A Traditional marriage ceremony in Annang is not an exception and not new to … Read more

17 Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts for Women

Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts

Before your little dear baby shows up, you’re liable for assisting them with growing a supporting, solid climate. This rundown of pregnancy do’s and don’ts can reveal some insight into what you should stress over — and what you truly shouldn’t worry over. 9 Pregnancy Do’s Do take a multivitamin Eating a fair eating regimen … Read more

10 Reasons You Must Have a Primary Care Doctor

Primary care doctors

Think of your primary care doctor as the beacon who guides you throughout the overwhelming array of unfamiliar health care information to be a reliable, dependable guide and resource for what you need to continue your journey of a healthier life. Imagine being in unfamiliar territory without your GPS. Or phone. Would you know where to go? Would … Read more

Ranks Of Doctors In Hospitals: A quick Review

Ranks Of Doctors In Hospitals

Doctors are the major reason for which hospitals are established. Without them, sick patients will not have the proper medical attention they deserve. Let us consider the ranks of doctors in hospitals. Before we proceed, let us remind ourselves of who a doctor is. It is general knowledge that a doctor may be a psychologist, … Read more