How to Start bottle Water Business in Nigeria

Water they say is life. Water is no doubt an essential part of human life, existence and sustenance on earth. Research shows that about 71% of the earth surface is covered with water and similarly 50-65% of the total human mass is also made up of water. Also the brain is mostly made up of water, bringing us to the conclusion that we cannot survive without water

There is hardly anything we can do independent of water; water plays a pivotal role in the existence of all human life on earth, so investing in water business as one of the most consumed commodity is paramount.

Water is the most consumed natural resources but research also shows that 1 out of 10 people in the world lack access to clean drinking water. So investing in the production of clean and portable table water is not just a way of making money but also a way of service to humanity. The provision of clean and portable water on the go for any average Nigerian is purpose for the start of such venture and the growing need of this commodity is another drive.

Extreme weather conditions due to global warming also has increased the general consumption of water all these and many more are the reasons for viability of this business.

How to Start a Pure Water Business in Nigeria

  1. Get a Business Place.

This is the first and the most important of all requirements needed to start up the pure water factory. You will need to consider your financial strength to do this. Do you have enough funds to buy a land, build a bungalow or lease a building? If yes then you can go on from here.

First you need to buy a land and build a bungalow or lease a bungalow and remodel it to your taste but preferably you need a building of your own. The price of the land varies based on the location of your business but I will advise that you don’t start out too expensive. Make sure the building is properly secured with a fence to avoid unauthorized access.

  • Business Registration /Name Registration and Logo Creation

After securing the business location which will serve as your factory it is to think about registering the Business. Picking put a company name is not as easy as it sounds, there are millions of registered business in Nigeria and trust me when I say u need to take your time to pick out a name and register with the Corporate Affairs Commission to give you the right to run a business then create and trademark your company logo. This also helps to keep your business secured.

  • Get a Tax Number

To avoid any unwanted embarrassment from the government you also need to go to a revenue office to get your Tax Identification Number (TIN). Be a patriotic Nigerian and pay your due tax for the benefit of your beloved nation.

  • Sink a Borehole

This is the major raw material you need to start this business and you need an unlimited supply of it, so drilling a borehole on the property will help your business. You can get water all year round and at any time of the day. Borehole water is clean and reliable. So call up your engineer and have them start work immediately. The benefit is enormous. The price of doing this is dependent on the location of your business and the quality of the soil.

  • Install an Over Head Tank

Despite the fact that you have unlimited supply of water it is still important to have at least an overhead tank for water storage. This storage unit is preferably the plastic storage tank to avoid dealing with rust in later years if you decide to make use of a metal storage unit.

  • Install Water Distilling Machine Or Water Purification Unit

It is against regulations to package untreated water so you need to have a system that treats the borehole water and make it pure enough for immediate consumption. There are two (2) types of system

  • Reverse osmosis distillation system
  • Ultraviolet build system.

The best still remains the reverse osmosis distillation system because it boils that water to vapor and sends it to a condenser that cools it down and concerts it back to water leaving all impurities which have higher boiling point behind. This system is more reliable but expensive.

Just like the manufacturing of any other consumable goods there is a regulatory body that supervises and regulates the manufacturing of these. I strongly suggest you get an approval from NAFDAC or else u may end up in jail or at the very least lose your company. Getting the NAFDAC approval number doesn’t take so much time and money.

  • Getting an Automatic Sealing Machine

Depending on the kind of sealing machine you get it could improve your capacity to produce to a high degree, some of these automatic sealers can seal as much as 18,000-20,000 seals per 8hours. Having more than one automatic sealing machine will definitely help boosting your production which will in turn satisfy much more clients and puts you at the apex of production.

  • Man Power

Just like setting up any other kind of production center or factory the need for man power cannot be over emphasized. At every point of production you need people incharge from security to vehicle, automated machines, packaging, transportation or administrative duties. People must man these several departments and units to ensure the smooth running of the factory.

Primary considerations

  • Stable Source of Alternative Power

Considering the state of the nation’s public power supply it is paramount that an alternative power supply is made available to ensure that work goes on uninterrupted during work hours,  this is to say that u need a form of stand by generator set that can power all the equipment without challenge Since all the equipment in use are electrically driven. Note also that constant availability of fuel is also important.

  • Packaging and Distribution

Before people get an experience of the content of a product their first point of contact is with the packaging. Ensure quality packaging which counts as people move your product from one location to another they should never be worried of the durability of you product and its packaging. Also ensure that there is effective distribution channels.

  • Quality Control

There has to be some form of internal quality control unit that checks for the effectiveness of the workers and that ensures that the quality of the product remains the way it should. Most people will drop quality when they get enough customers for one reason or the other, it is important you keep the standard of your products. This builds a high level of trust between you and the customer which will in turn bring in more patronage and more money. Always keep a direct link between you and the consumer and distributors, and make relevant enquiry

  • Security

Having all these set up and with no security will make u a prey to predatory elements. Secure your factory from all unauthorized persons. Securing your equipment keeps you in business much longer. Safe guard your machineries and equipment from theft and damage.

  1. Maintenance

You must ensure that daily, weekly or monthly maintenance takes place on your machineries to ensure smooth running of the factory, satisfied customers and more money in the bank.

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