Best JAMB CBT APPS For Mobile phone/PC 2022/2023

In my article on how to prepare and pass JAMB examination, i laid much emphasis on how important it is to manage your time when writing JAMB examination. Coupled with that, I noted that one of the ways to learn time management is through JAMB CBT apps. Well, that is exactly why I wrote this separate article; to guide students on the best free JAMB CBT apps (both mobile/PC) that is good for JAMB practice. By virtue of the fact that I have been on this game for long, there is no doubt that I can correctly recommend good JAMB Apps that will help you smash JAMB 20222/2023 examination.

In light of the above, this article will be presenting the best 10 JAMB CBT apps you can use for free in Nigeria. Some of the apps here are totally free while some are free and paid at the same time. More so, if you are searching for website where you can practice JAMB for free (totally FREE), then you are definitely in the right place. After making the list of top 10 FREE JAMB CBT apps, I will mention some of the awesome websites that can help you to pass JAMB examination too.


Below are the best 10 free/paid JAMB CBT apps

  1. Passng CBT app
  2. Flashlearners JAMB app
  3. Msgist CBT app
  4. Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app
  5. Nigerian scholars UTME CBT practice application
  6. JAMB (Swiftspeed edu)
  7. Myschool JAMB mobile app
  8. JAMBITE free JAMB, WAEC and Post UTME past questions app
  9. FaceYourBook JAMB mobile app
  10. Jamb CBT Software by



1. Passng CBT app (Free/Premium)

There is probably no place in Nigeria where this app is not used. Passng is apparently one of the best education websites in the country. It was developed to help students with every information they need to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. If you have been searching for an app to practice JAMB for free, note that Passng CBT app is the best. Passng gives users the opportunity to use their app for FREE after download. If after downloading the app, the user wants to upgrade, he/she can do that by using the internet data. This can be done even without paying any money at all. Trust me; this app is one of the best JAMB CBT applications I have ever seen.

2. Flashlearners CBT app

Another great CBT application that can help you to pass JAMB examination excellently is Flashlearners CBT app. This app has all the features of the real JAMB software. With Flashlearners CBT app you can decide to practice two, three or four subjects at a time. One of the striking things about this app is that it has both free and paid versions. Users are allowed to upgrade to the paid version if they don’t enjoy the features available in free mode.

3. Msgist JAMB app (Free/Premium)

Msgist JAMB app is apparently one of the best JAMB apps for PCs. It also has a version for mobile phone users anyway. This application is owned by the best education website in Nigeria, Myschoolgist. No doubt, Msgist JAMB app has been the choice of thousands of students in Nigeria. In fact, it is factual that about 30% of students, who use Apps to prepare for JAMB, use Msgist JAMB app.

4. Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app (Free/Premium)

Apparently, Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app is one of the best JAMB mobile applications in Nigeria today. It was built by another great admission news website in Nigeria. Well, Currentschoolnews has JAMB application for PC too, but i haven’t verified that yet.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a JAMB app to help you prepare vigorously for the impending JAMB examination, you can use Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app. They offer you the same features other apps mentioned above offer. However, i can’t tell you what the price for Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app is now. You can give them a try!

5. Nigerian scholars UTME CBT practice application (Free/Premium)

If you are a student in Nigeria and you have never visited Nigerianscholars, you are having a very big problem. Yes! Nigerianscholars is one of the most visited education websites in Nigeria. As we speak it ranks top 5 in the list of most popular education websites in Nigeria. This is actually why i am recommending their JAMB application to you.

6. JAMB (Swiftspeed Edu (Free/Premium)

When i was busy searching for the best free JAMB apps in PlayStore to write about, I found this super cool JAMB CBT app and i decided to add it to my list of the best JAMB app. Though i have not used it for a very long time, I believe this application will be very helpful to JAMB candidates this year.

JAMB (Swiftspeed edu) is meant to test students on all the topics highlighted in JAMB syllabus. They ask their questions basically from JAMB past questions and answers. So, if JAMB past questions and answers is key to pass JAMB examination, JAMB (Swiftspeed edu) is an indispensable tool to pass JAMB excellently. If you want this app, simply search the name on Google play store now. As at the time this article was written, it is totally free. You can try it out for yourself.

7. Myschool JAMB mobile app (Free/Premium)

Myschool is one of the oldest education websites in Nigeria. It was probably the most popular education websites in 2017. This is because of the large number of traffic the site got that year. Well, it will surprise you to know that Myschool has a CBT application to help students prepare effectively for JAMB and pass the examination.

8. JAMBITE free JAMB, WAEC, Post UTME past questions app (Free)

This is another great JAMB application i saw in Google Play store recently. JAMBITE free app is a free application (Not totally free) by Axum technologies. It offers JAMB candidates free JAMB, Post UTME and WAEC past questions. One of the reasons why i love this application is because, it can be used for both WAEC and post UTME practice too.

For me, this i the exactly what you need to gain admission in any Nigerian university. It has past questions from almost all the universities in Nigeria. So, whether you applied for admission in UNN, UI, UNICAL or UNIBEN etc, this application has got you covered. All you need to do is to go to Google Play store now and download it for free. Remember, it is from Axum technologies.

9. FaceYourBook JAMB mobile app (Free)

Just at the name suggest, FaceYourBook JAMB app will make you to face your book and prepare for JAMB examination. Frankly speaking, if you are searching for an app that will put you in the same condition you will be during JAMB examination, then you have to try this CBT application.

The surprising thing this app does is that, it teaches and corrects you when you fail any JAMB question. There are only few applications that can do this here. FaceYourBook JAMB app has about 200 reviews in Google Play store. It is also rated 4.4; showing that it is one of the best CBT applications in the net. It has virtually everything you need to prepare and pass JAMB examination this year. You can download this app from Google Playstore by searching the name in the search box provided.

10. Jamb CBT Software by (Free/Premium)

This application is from the popular It is one of the best free JAMB mobile apps you can find online. According to the app description in their official website, with Jamb CBT Software by you will score nothing less than 250 in the impending JAMB examination.

I don’t not know how true this is, but i believe this app can really help students. It has both mobile and PC version. So you can download the PC version for your personal computer.

Jamb CBT Software by trains students on questions that have been asked by JAMB in previous years. It is very easy to use this app. I personally recommend it for students who want to score up to 300+ in 2020/2020 JAMB examination.

11. Examiner NG (Free)

Recently, I came across this wonderful free Jamb Cbt App. Yes! It is totally free so all you have to do is to download and install the app into your device. One beautiful thing about this app is that it an all in one pack. In other words, Examiner NG to prepare for your WAEC, NECO or even post UTME examination without paying a kobo.

If you intend to pass the impending 2021 JAMB examination, i strongly recommend that you download this app now that it is free. I strongly believe that when it becomes very popular, the free version will be taken away.

For more, kindly watch the video below:


Below are the best websites to practice JAMB for free:


TryJAMBCBT is a free online computer base learning and testing software application for all jambites. It allows jambites to practice JAMB without paying any amount of money. All you need to do if you want to use this website, is to login with your details. After that, you will be able to use this website for FREE.


There is no doubt. is one of the most used online JAMB CBT software. If you are really searching for a place to practice JAMB without paying a single amount of money, this website is the ideal website for you. Remember, I mentioned this website among the one of the best JAMB CBT applications ever. They provide both free JAMB CBT application and online software for JAMBITES.


JAMB CBT APPS is also a good website to practice JAMB online. With this website you don’t need to pay a single amount of money to practice JAMB past questions. One of the reasons why i love this application is because, it allows students to compete with themselves online; and by so doing, they learn and become accustomed with the way JAMB ask their questions.


Surprisingly, does not only have a JAMB practice app. They also have an online software where you can practice previously asked JAMB questions for free. This should tell you that they are hell bent on making students pass JAMB examination.

If you don’t have the money to pay for the paid/free apps above, and you want access to all the awesome features in the best JAMB app, is the best place to get them for free. Kindly visit the website now.


In conclusion, I must once again emphasize on the importance of time management. The truth is that, if you don’t know how to do this, you are most likely to fail JAMB. These are the apps that can really help you learn how to manage your time without.

Kindly go through the JAMB CBT APPS and choose the one you prefer better. Do not hesitate to inform me using the comment session, if you encounter any problem when using any of the JAMB CBT APPS mentioned above. I can help you to fix it if it is within my jurisdiction to do so. Hope this article was helpful. Tell me what you think below.

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