Best English Language Textbooks for JAMB 2022/2023 (Recommended)

Why you should use the best Books by JAMB

1. They are recommended by JAMB: It is true that some textbooks are easy to comprehend why some are not. But when it comes to choosing an English Language Textbook that will help you pass JAMB examination, forget about what you think is easy or hard and follow the recommended textbooks by JAMB. Most times, that is where questions are drawn from.

2. To avoid confusion: Another reason why you should use the textbooks above to prepare fore Jamb is because they help you to clear confusions in little things that are likely to be asked in your examination. The fact that they are recommended by JAMB means that JAMB accepts every thing that is contained in those books.

3. They are easy to comprehend: JAMB doesn’t just pick random books and recommend students to go and purchase them. The examination board usually go through these textbooks and make sure that they are actually easy to understand. So, by purchasing any of the recommended JAMB textbooks above, you are making the right and best choice.

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Where to get the Best English Language Textbooks in Nigeria

There are a ton of where you can get English reading material in Nigeria (Both Online and Offline). As a matter of first importance, I’m certain that 70% of the bookshops in Nigeria has the books above so your most memorable choice is to go to the closest book shop to your home. Take the names of the books as recorded above and let them know you need to purchase those books.

On the other hand, you can attempt any of the web-based book shops in Nigeria to buy your books. Note that this can be more costly particularly assuming the book is to be conveyed to you.

Taking everything into account, I unequivocally exhort not to make joke with this data by any means. Many individuals bomb their assessments in light of things like this and I wouldn’t believe you should misstep the same way.


In all honesty, there are huge number of English Language Textbooks in Nigeria and just not many of them are prudent to utilize. Not every one of the course books on English Language you see is great while planning for an assessment and to that end WAEC, JAMB, NECO and other assessment body generally discharge their rundown of suggested reading material consistently for understudies. This typically assist up-and-comers with all that is important to pass their assessments.

The most obviously awful misstep you can at any point make in planning for any assessment is to utilize a book that isn’t reasonable for readiness, and for that reason I made this article to as of now plainly feature the top English Language course readings in Nigeria. These reading material are more than significant on the grounds that, occasionally, JAMB set their inquiries utilizing them. So without burning through should time, gives see the best English Language course books access Nigeria for JAMB and why you ought to utilize them in planning for JAMB.

Best English Language Textbooks in Nigeria for JAMB Examination

Before I make a list of the Best English textbook to buy for JAMB examination, it is important to note that not all of them will be useful to you at the end of the day. In fact, the books are so many for a single person to go through. Nonetheless, amongst all the textbooks mentioned above we recommend that you buy the most effective one which is A – Z in English by Dele Ashade.

This is because many students who used it in the past confirmed that it was actually helpful. Personally, I have read the book and I must confess that it is the best. But you must also be careful not to purchase the outdated copy of the book too.

I encourage you to buy the current Edition of the book from our online bookshop by clicking the button below. Don’t worry about the price and cost of sending the book to you because the price isn’t expensive at all, and we will make delivery to you for FREE. All you have to do is to purchase the book with your correct address on our site.

So make sure you buy yours as fast as possible. Also remember that this book can increase your chances of success by 50%.

Having said that, below are other educative English textbook that can help:

  1. Attah, M. O. (2013) Practice in Spoken English for Intermediate and Advanced Learners, Maiduguri: University of Maiduguri Press
  2. Nnamonu, S. and Jowitt, D. (1989) Common Errors in English, Lagos: Longman
  3. Oluikpe, B. O. A, nnaemeka, B. A, Obah, T. Y, Otagburuagu, E. J. Onuigbo, S. and Ogbonna, E. A. (1998) Intensive English for Senior Secondary School 3, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publisher.
  4. Tomori, S. H. O (2000) Objective Tests for School Certificate english: Practice in Lexis, Structure and idiom (Reprinted Edition), Ibadan: Heinemann
  5. Ogunsanwo, O. Duruaku, A. B.C, Ezechukwu, J and Nwachukwu, U. I (2005) Countdown English Language, (Revised Edition), Ibadan: Evans
  6. Daniel Jones (2011) Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  7. Idowu, O. O, Sogbeson, T. S, Adofo, A. K. Burgess, D. F and Burgess, L. J. (1998) Round-up English: A Complete Guide, Lagos: Longman
  8. Idris, U. (2001) Oral English at Your Fingertips for Schools and Colleges, Lagos, M. Youngbrain Publishers
  9. Igiligi, E. C. and Ogenyi, S. O. (2010)Grammar and Composition in the G.S.M. Age, Enugu: Joe Hills Production Services
  10. Bamgbose, A. (2002) English Lexis and Structure for Senior Secondary Schools and colleges (Revised Edition), Ibadan: Heinemann
  11. Banjo, A. et al (2004) New Oxford Secondary English Course Book Six for Senior Secondary Schools, Ibadan: UP Plc.
  12. Caesar, O. J. (2003) Essential Oral English for Schools and Colleges, Lagos: Tonad Publishers Limited
  13. Jauro, L. B. (2013) Oral English for Schools and Colleges: A teaching and Learning Approach, Yola: Paraclete Publishers.
  14. Egbe, D. I (1996) Mastering English Usage and Communication Skills, Lagos: Tisons
  15. Elugbe, B. (2000) Oral English for Schools and Colleges, Ibadan: Heinemann
  16. Grant, N. J. H, Nnamonu, S. Jowitt, D. (1998) Senior English Project 3, (New Edition) Harlow: Longman
  17. Olatoye, S. (2006) The Silent Teacher, Ado-Ekiti: Segun and Sons Enterprises
  18. Ukwuegbu, C, Okoro, O., Idris, A. U., Okebukola, F. O. and Owokade, C. O. (2002) Catch-up English for SSCE/UME, Ibadan: Heinemann

RECOMMENDATION: It is apparent that you can’t purchase all the textbooks officially recommended by JAMB; and even if you can, you may not know the exact text where questions will be directly coming from. Consequently, I personally encourage you to just purchase any of the one above and also check out for any Use of English Text that is dedicated to just passing JAMB UTME screening for example: A – Z by Dele Ashade. This will go a long way to help you pass JAMB Use of English examination.

In addition to the above. I highly encourage you to watch out my YouTube video below where I shared all the tips you will need to pass JAMB use of English examination excellently.

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