Americans in Nigeria: How Long they Can Stay

Americans in Nigeria

Americans in Nigeria: Nigeria is the best dull country. This West African country offers such a gigantic sum by means of social assortment, and the financial entryways in Nigeria are at this point charming; drawing in people from wherever on the planet. Nigeria really has a ton of Americans in Nigeria; some of whom are busy with oil examination and publicizing, financial organizations, development, land, shipping, in this manner various region of the economy.
Nigeria has a couple of visa residencies depending upon the length of stay, or the business that the applicant wishes to pursue in Nigeria. For clearness let us express that there is some restriction on development as admonished by the US government, but that is by and large an immediate consequence of security concerns. The Nigerian government continues to give visas to US inhabitants, who wish to visit for business, work, or delight.
There are a couple of enquiries about the length of stay; numerous people expressly need to know how long they can stay in Nigeria as US occupants.

The length of stay of Nigeria Visa to Americans varies, between 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years depending on the type of visa gotten.

Length of Stay of Nigeria Visa to Americans

Single Entry Visa 

Length of Stay: 6 months.   

Multiple Entry Visa

Length of Stay: 1 year.

Multiple Entry Visa

Length of Stay: 2 years.

Regardless, your visit can be loosened up with a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) in which case the public authority is permitting you to stay in the country to work. Over the range of your work, you will not be irritated.
You can similarly get Subject To Regularization, which is a documentation communicating your objective to live forever in Nigeria to seek after your work or business. With this documentation, the public power of Nigeria will put your name on the summary of new nationals who will be offered citizenship status. Clearly, a couple of components will be considered, including your evaluation history, criminal record, and responsibilities to Nigerian culture.

Americans in Nigeria
Americans in Nigeria

Costs of Visas to Nigeria for Americans

Of course, visa to Nigeria is not free. The fees received by the Nigeria Immigration Service constitute a part of the revenue generated and utilized by the Nigerian government, and so US citizens intending to gain entry into the country need to pay the following fees for their visa application.

Single Entry Visa: USD 160 

Multiple Entry Visa: USD 160

Multiple Entry Visa: USD 160

Sympathetically don’t pay cash to anybody with the assurance of getting a visa to Nigeria. All portions are dealt with electronically at the Nigeria Immigration Service doorway. Mercifully go online to apply and pay for your Nigerian visa.
Additionally, generously see that the portion doesn’t guarantee a productive visa application; you really need to go through a successful gathering at the Nigerian Embassy in the United States before you can be given with a visa.

What do you need to get a Nigeria Visa?

There are basically two types of visas offered by the Nigerian government; they are tourist visas and business visas. There is very little separating the two types of visas- we will spell them out and what you need to get them.

Tourist Visas

Traveler visas are those given to guests who come into Nigeria to seek after relaxation exercises, or just to put a hold on from the hurrying around of their day to day routine. You will require a couple of things to get this:

You want a receipt for the visa application installment.

You want to have a US Passport that is substantial for no less than a half year after your visa application date.

You want to have a finished visa application structure.

You really want to have two late visa size photos of yourself.

You really want to have proof to show that you have adequate assets to take care of the expenses of your visit, and recreation exercises.

Business Visas

Business visas are those given to individuals who are coming into the country to seek after financial chances of which there are numerous in Nigeria. To get a business visa to Nigeria you will require the accompanying:

You want to show the Receipt of installment of the Visa expense.

You want to show a finished visa application structure.

You want to show two ongoing identification size photos of yourself.

You want to show that you have sufficient cash to carry on with work.

Temporary Work Permit (TWP) and Subject to Regularization:

To get a Temporary Work Permit, or a Subject to Regularization record which are more long-lasting archives that can empower you to remain for longer timeframes in Nigeria you will require the accompanying:

1.            You will require a US Passport with a half year to run.

2.            You will likewise have to have a finished application structure.

3.            You should give two ongoing identification photographs.

4.            You will likewise require a Letter of Approval from the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service.

 For Subject To Regularization, you should have your records, joined by your Curriculum Vitae verified by the US consulate in Nigeria.

You will require documentation from the Ministry of Interior.

What Else Do You Need?

As a US resident in Nigeria, you will likewise have to take more time to guarantee that you have the accompanying to work with a protected and pleasurable stay in Nigeria.

Assuming you are visiting for recreation: you should guarantee that you book a protected lodging. Kindly guarantee that you have adequate assets. Your global check cards (visa and MasterCard, and so on) will demonstrate important.

Assuming that you are going for business:

Kindly guarantee that you liaise with the US government office to get data about which parts of Nigeria are thought of as risky.

If it’s not too much trouble, make sufficient arrangements for your convenience, transportation, security, etc. There are private security outfits, as well as police accompanies accessible.

What is the Stance of the US government?

The US government for the most part exhorts against movement to Nigeria as of now, yet this is to a great extent because of the country’s security challenges. There are numerous US residents living and working in Nigeria.


Because Nigeria is eager to receive foreign exchange and to get more investments from outside, there is generally no problem with securing a visa. Please note that payments of the visa fees do not guarantee visa procurement. Please ensure that you show up on the date of your visa interview, and if you are unable to attend the interview on the stated date, please ensure that you inform the authorities beforehand. As Americans in Nigeria, Please write email to¬†[email protected], and give them your application id and reference number.

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