9 Amazing Ways You Can Avoid Being Cheated By Petrol Attendant


There has been series of write up in the web about how petrol station attendant could cheat on a customer, but little to none has been devoted to how this can be stopped. In my experience in the petrol station business I found out that customers can be free from being cheated on. So in this article I will outline and explain how to avoid being cheated by petrol attendant in a filling station.

Ways You Can Avoid Being Cheated By Petrol Attendant

# Never assume anything:

A lot of people assume that the gentleness of the attendant is a certificate of his or her truthfulness, this is absolutely untrue. When you want to buy fuel, always be sure of all the necessary step required and never by any reason assume any thing without verifying.

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For instance, a customer can mistakenly  assume that because he or she saw the meter starting from zero that it will run smoothly till the required amount, no no no, there is a system they called cutting in the filling station and with this system something funny can happen  and you cannot avoid being cheated on. So don’t assume anything.

# Be sure that your meter reads from zero

 Many a times the attendant use the method called continuous selling to cheat. This method means that they will dispense fuel to a customer that is not buying much, like bike men and 4 litre customer without programming. After stopping the dispensing at around 4 litres they will stop dispensing, hanger the nozzle in style to make sure that the machine is still running. With a rich sir or madam come to buy in bulk they pick the carefully hang nozzle and continue from 4 litres.

# Always look at the dispenser

Never get your eyes off the dispenser no matter what happen. A little time you eyes are off that machine can be of a disadvantage to you. Don’t forget the owner of the station choose smart people to work for the company so they are very smart and you have to be careful.

# Be observing whoever is closer to the dispenser

A lot of customer in my time as attendant never mind looking at the other person behind the machine, all they do is to focus on the innocent faced person holding the nozzle and falling for her distraction while the person behind is the culprit.

# Never let the attendant distract you

For the person in charge of the cutting to succeed the person selling for you must distract you, they do this by

  • introducing a discussion about an interesting topic
  • dancing
  • the girls use their beauty
  • any thing possible

never look at a beautiful attendant that is selling fuel for you, always watch your metre. Never be carried away by the smile of the attendant in the filling station.

# Never trust anyone in a petrol station

 What common truth customers fail to know is that in many filling station cheating is a collaborated act that involves everybody, so when chances are low the manager clear the air by distracting the customer and the attendant sees the chance. People tend to complain to the manager about what happened, the question is. Has the attendant being fired? No. most time cheating in a filling station is a combine effort act, because at the closure of the work in the night the manager and all the senior staffs will get some percentage from the attendant.

# Go with your fuel after purchase

Immediately after buying of fuel, don’t leave it here to say “I’m coming”, because you will pay them and that fuel there is not safe.


 If there is a place to be careful while being there is a petrol station, starting from the safety, through to security of your product and then to avoid being called a thief. You can safely buy your product and go if you stick to simple rule so that you can avoid being cheated on by petrol attendant in a filling station.

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