6 Most Important Vehicle Particulars in Nigeria

In Nigeria, some drivers incur several fines, while others have their vehicles seized by various agencies because they could not provide the necessary car papers, we will look into the car papers in Nigeria in this post. This post is about the 6 Most Important Vehicle Particulars in Nigeria by FRSC

Nigeria’s premier road agency, the Federal Road Safety Commission has warned drivers that they must be at all times, be in possession of these car papers or else, risk vehicle confiscation or heavy fines.

The most important car papers in Nigeria

Valid Driver’s license

The Nigerian Driver’s license is a legal document, granted by the Nigerian government mandating individuals to use vehicles on the Nigerian road.

It is made of plastic material and has the passport photograph of the owner. It also carries vital biometric data like age, blood group, surname, address etc.

According to (510(4) of the FRSC Act, 2007 establishment), the FRSC has the right to arrest and charge any driver on the road without a valid driver’s license.

Drivers without a driver’s license can also be prosecuted by the police, vehicle inspection officers, and even state traffic management officers.

Vehicle proof of ownership certificate

Vehicle proof of ownership certificate is an important car paper every Nigerian driver needs to keep handy, especially while in his car.

It is a certificate that shows a legal transfer of ownership from the old owner to the new owner of the vehicle in question.

Without this document, security agencies may suspect that the vehicle is not yours. It is a necessity.

Vehicle license

How do you show you have the legal backing to ply your vehicle across the Nigerian highway? By presenting a vehicle license.

The vehicle license is a document that shows that a motor vehicle is legally allowed to be on the Nigerian road. It contains information that can be used to identify your vehicle.

It is recommended you affixed it to the windshield of your car. It is one of the car papers Nigeria security personnel may look out for on a ‘checkpoint’.

Certificate of Roadworthiness

Just like the vehicle license, the certificate of roadworthiness is another car paper security agents look out for. Without this document, it means your car is a menace and is not fit to be driven on the Nigerian road.

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Insurance Certificate

Though completely overlooked, there are stories of drivers getting into trouble with the law because they fail to show a vehicle insurance certificate.

In the event that a driver is involved in an accident or any misfortune, an insurance certificate will cover the financial loss of that vehicle.

I hope the article has been a great help in letting you know the 6 Most Important Vehicle Particulars in Nigeria by FRSC

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