5 ways to buy things online without credit card

How To Buy Things Online Without Credit Card

Customers are use to purchasing product and services online using the bank account credit card. What if you are in a situation of a damage credit card but in urgent need of transaction? Here are the methods you can explore to buy things online without credit card.

1 Purchase with a check.

You can still buy from certain online store with checks, but it might be very difficult to use this option. Stores on websites such as EBay and Etsy will likely be more willing to accept this option than a larger retailer. For these methods, you send the check and wait for it to clear the bank. Then, your items will be shipped. The problem with this method is that it takes a lot more time than other methods. The store has to wait for the payment to arrive. This means you have to wait for the items you bought as well.

You can also use a money order. These work just like a check. You send them, the store cashes them, and then your items are shipped. You can buy these at many stores and your local post office

2 Use an online payment company.

There are some online companies that save as payment medium for you, such are remita, paypal, Amazon payments. Most time with this companies in between you are the seller, you do not need to send your information directly to the seller. All you have to do is to connect a debit card or checking account to your vitual account on the online platform their site. You can then buy whatever you want and the payment company will take care of it.

  • You use these sites by creating an account. Chose the sign up option from their site. You will need to create a profile. You typically need to pick a username and password and add your email address. You will have to create answers for challenge questions that are used for your security. You then provide them with your address and additional personal information. Then you put in the information of the checking account you want linked to the account.
  • Many online retailers accept these forms of payment, but not all do. Make sure you check whatever store you are buying from.

3 With your debit card.

 Most sites that accept credit cards will also accept debit cards. Debit cards are easy to get because they come with any bank account. It allows you to use your checkbook for easy record-keeping of what you buy. It is also faster than other options. Since credit cards can lead to debt, using a debit card can save you from that problem because it takes the money directly out of your bank account.

  • To buy with a debit card, you enter the card number on the payment page just like you would a credit card. Sometimes, however, you might have to put in your PIN number.
  • It can be risky because it gives direct access to your checking account. It could possibly be used for fraud


4 Use your checking account for an electronic fund transfer.

Large online retailers such as Amazon accept electronic fund transfers (EFTs). This method works by transferring money from your personal checking account to the store. To set this up, you usually have to add your checking account to your profile. This means you need your account number and bank routing number. You then have to enter the name and the address of the person who is named on the account. You may also be asked to give the drivers license number of the account holder and the state that issued the ID.

  • Most sites will not accept business, corporate, or savings accounts.
  • Just like with a debit card, there is some risk involved because you are giving out your bank account information to a third party. Make sure it is a reputable website or store before you give away your information.

5 Pay with an electronic wallet. 

Many companies and businesses have created electronic wallets. Google Wallet is the most popular, but companies such as Starbucks and Apple have also launched them. The electronic wallet is different than the traditional online payment service. They are on your device as an app instead of working through an online site. Digital wallets allow you to add money to them in a variety of ways. You can add with a debit card or checking account. To use, all you have to do is create an account and add money. Then just select the payment type, swipe the screen of your phone, and you have bought the items.

  • You can also use other units of value like loyalty points or mileage anywhere that will accept them. With a digital wallet, you don’t have to go through a hectic redeeming process. The app does it all for you.
  • This is an important new development because mobile apps are one of the largest areas of growth in tech, media and other industries. This now includes payment systems

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