Have you had in mind to find out what are the basic attribute of a CONTEMPORARY WOMAN? This article will enlist 10 basic things that a CONTEMPORARY WOMAN ought to have

  1. Savings

You know how nearly everybody has a savings account and no actual savings in it? No, that’s not what I mean. I’m talking an actual active savings account where you put money in monthly/weekly/daily and don’t take it back out for dinner at Sheraton. A contemporary woman has achievable goals and big dreams; her savings can in the long run help her get there; starting a business, buying a house/car, getting a degree or saving for her children’s future (yup, born or unborn). You never know, your savings just might save the day.

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  • A Current account

Guilty is me! For some weird reason, I feel very weird every time I make a payment with my card and I have to tell the attendant to select ‘savings account.’ I’m not saying it’s wrong or bad but it’s somewhat limiting; you can’t get a bank loan with a savings account, nor start a business with one, insurance policies, standing orders…all things that a woman going someplace should be considering.  So, I’m getting one next month. Big dreams calling!

  • Investments

If you’ve never heard this, let me be the first to tell you, ‘a smart (woman) never has only one source of income’ and what is a contemporary woman if not smart? Investments, especially smart ones can serve as a launching board during your work years or as a cushion when you’re old and frail. Whichever way, thinking investments will have you thinking about money and thinking about money is always a good thing.

  • A profitable skill

Can you cook worth a dime? How about makeup that actually looks good on someone else? Oh, oh, I know, fashion designing…can you actually sew? Sketch? Organize maybe? Serve as a host? Change a tire? Oh, do find a skill that you can get paid for. You know, a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side. As the Yoruba proverb goes, ‘there are many roads to the market.’ Make many roads to your bank account.

  • Diplomacy

‘I’m a straight arrow. I say things as they are.’ Well, no one ever won a battle of wills just by saying things as they are. In winning people over to your side of things, it takes skill, it takes tact, it takes diplomacy. Don’t just blurt things out, add a little flair to it. Go the long route to get to your point. There’s no way you’re making it up whatever ladder you’re climbing without a little diplomacy, without a few feathers to smooth out. Delicate people are everywhere. Try not to break them with your iron fists.

  • A plot of land

Igbeju-Lekki, Agbara, Magodo, Ajah, Ibadan. Doesn’t matter where; get yourself a piece of land. It’s great business sense, a great investment even if you never build on it. Land appreciates so keep it around a couple years and then sell it at 4 times the price you bought it (how do you think I plan to get rich. Lol). A contemporary woman must and I repeat, must have her own piece of land. She can have with her husband too but one piece somewhere must proudly bear her name. She should work hard for that.

  • A Masters degree (or an additional degree of some sort)

A Masters degree, a PhD, a diploma in several courses of choice, a professional certification, a fellowship. Don’t let a B.Sc. or an OND be your all in all. I know studying can get rather staid but you my dear, must always reach for what’s ahead of you. Keep reaching till there’s nothing more to reach for. Although, truth be told, there’s always something more.

  • Something fancy and expensive

Oh, I don’t really care what it is just get something worth a lot of money or worth some other kind of value. Whenever I’m stuck for cash and I think, ‘ah, I’ll just sell something,’ but then I never have nothing worth selling (except maybe my laptop but then I need that or there’d be no #PostTuesday). Then I think of all those movies where the woman goes to sell all her gold and diamonds and saves the day.

Ok, so let’s back up a bit. Don’t get something fancy just so you can sell it oo. That’s not what I’m saying (not entirely anyway). Let it be for you, some sort of reward; for your hard work, patience (for all good things will come) and your prudence. That’s why you should get something fancy. I’m thinking diamonds…or sapphires…or…a Lambo…

  • A place to call home

Nowadays, you either build a house or you buy one ( I prefer buy). However, don’t just buy a house, make a home out of it. Make it everything you want it to be, even if you rent it. Coming home to a place that has you written all over it and that welcomes you in by the warmth you infused in it? There’s nothing better. That’s why they say home is where the heart is. Of course, home can be a person too.

  1. Respectable portraits

Remember all those ‘be like Ngozi’ type posts that came out earlier this year? Well I’m that girl who never has a clear or nice or worthy picture (not even for graduation). Make it a point of duty to have good clean portraits made. Get your picture taken, regularly and properly of course (that excludes selfies, thank you very much). You never know when the Presidency is going to need a respectable picture of you to announce you Governor of CBN (or something).